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  • Cave Troll 3D Model (Lord Of The Rings)

    Cave Troll 3D Model (Lord Of The Rings)

    I’m proud to present my latest project, a Cave Troll from Lord of the Rings…

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  • MGS5 Quiet – Making Of

    MGS5 Quiet – Making Of

    Kojima Productions has released high resolution images of it’s model for one of Metal Gear..

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  • Tips for a Better Render

    Tips for a Better Render

    Use these Render Tips to get a better picture! No matter what 3d modeling package..

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  • Spiderman 3D Art

    Spiderman 3D Art

    I’ve compiled a good amount of amazing Spiderman 3D art created by the community, and..

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  • Top 5 Animated Movies

    Top 5 Animated Movies

    Everyone loves Animated Movies, especially ones animated in 3d. There’s just something about animated movies..

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  • Amazing Sci Fi Art

    Amazing Sci Fi Art

      Today I figured I’d go ahead and post some cool Sci Fi art I’ve..

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  • Amazing 3D Art

    Amazing 3D Art

    Every once in a while I go browsing the internet for any and all amazing..

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  • Hugh Jackman Workout Routine, The Truth

    Hugh Jackman Workout Routine, The Truth

    To get down to the quick of it, respect motivates me – not success. Hugh..

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  • Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement Guide

    Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement Guide

    If you’re a serious weight lifter, you like a good pre-workout supplement. You can’t look..

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  • Best Free 3D Software

    Best Free 3D Software

    If you were like me and just starting out working with 3d art as a..

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