Amazing 3D Art

Every once in a while I go browsing the internet for any and all amazing 3d art that I can find. It is once again that time, and I’m here featuring various artists work that I’ve seen and absolutely loved.

It’s not easy making 3d art at the level that these guys are hitting. In fact, I’d say the level of commitment and talent is admirable.

amazing 3d art

fps girl by yunjin

fps girl is a piece that I really like, featuring a female character with a big gun. Her clothing is a kind of grey camouflage, and she has many belts as accessories.

amazing 3d art

Eddard Stark by tonzy

Eddard Stark is an amazing 3d Portrait. The character is based off the actor Sean Bean, sculpted in Zbrush and rendered inĀ 3dsmax, Vray, and HairFarm.

amazing 3d art

Tabula Rasa Cinematic – Sarah Ranger by Beebee

This was part of a cinematic and created by many people. Once again, amazing shot, great hair and awesome looking character.

amazing 3d art

Logan by jsun

This is a depiction of everyone’s favorite character, Logan, or should I say Wolverine. This is different from traditional Wolverine portraits, because it is centered around the Logan persona of the character, so we see him in casual clothing, but still bearing his signature rough character traits.

amazing 3d art

female trooper by Maciej

This is impressive, for multiple reasons. The artist, Maciej, has created a sci fi looking female trooper, decked out with awesome armor. The lighting is superb. The detail level in this image is unreal.

amazing 3d art

RC by Blaze

This is a depiction of Robocop, from the movie. Created by Blaze, RC is modeled and textured exceedingly well. The background is lit up, appropriately, by police lights. This grants the image a nice atmosphere.

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