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  • Cave Troll 3D Model (Lord Of The Rings)

    Cave Troll 3D Model (Lord Of The Rings)

    I’m proud to present my latest project, a Cave Troll from Lord of the Rings…

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  • Spiderman 3D Art

    Spiderman 3D Art

    I’ve compiled a good amount of amazing Spiderman 3D art created by the community, and..

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  • Deadpool 3D Model Reel

    Deadpool 3D Model Reel

    This is a video I created showcasing my Deadpool 3D model. It features the model..

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  • Venom Zbrush Speed Sculpt

    Venom Zbrush Speed Sculpt

    One day I really wanted to model something cool, and fast, so I decided to..

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  • Ebony and Ivory 3D Elephant Artwork

    Ebony and Ivory 3D Elephant Artwork

    Ebony and Ivory are two elephants in a picture I created in September of 2012…

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  • Art: Deadpool Creation Methods

    Art: Deadpool Creation Methods

      Some of the methods I used to create “Weapon XI: Deadpool” This is a..

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  • ART: "We Are Venom Now"

    ART: "We Are Venom Now"

    I decided to do a Zbrush Sculpt of Marvel Comic’s Venom. This was the result,..

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  • ART: Weapon XI: Deadpool

    ART: Weapon XI: Deadpool

    Earlier yesterday I released my latest image of Marvel Comic’s character Deadpool. I learned a..

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