Cave Troll 3D Model (Lord Of The Rings)

I’m proud to present my latest project, a Cave Troll from Lord of the Rings.

This entire scene took approximately 4 weeks. The model itself took a few hours to model using polygons. I started with a single quad and worked my out from the face to the body using reference images from the films. I then took the model to Zbrush and sculpted it. The Zbrush sculpt took about 4 hours.

I then imported the model back into Blender. I rendered the model with Cycles for about 5 hours, 1,000 samples.

Cave Troll Lord of the Rings 3d model

Final Image,
Cave Troll © 2013 Ben Shukrallah

Making of Video:



Base mesh, Blender 3d

Cave Troll Zbrush Sculpt

Zbrush Sculpt

Skull Zbrush Sculpt

Making the skull for the background

Cave Troll 3d model wireframe

Cave Troll 3d model wireframe, Pose 1

Cave Troll 3d model wireframe

Cave Troll 3d model wireframe, Pose 2

Cave Troll 3d model

Planning out a background

Cave Troll 3d model

Earlier composition render

Cave Troll 3d model

Another 3d composition

Cave Troll Materials

Cave Troll, in Material View, Blender 3d


Getting near the end of my process, a nearly completed test render


Additional angles, viewport render in Blender 3D

Cave Troll 3d model

Preview Render, up close, test shot

Cave Troll 3d model

Cave Troll full model Render Layer

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