Deadpool 3D Model Reel

This is a video I created showcasing my Deadpool 3D model. It features the model spinning around 360 degress, with distance shots and close ups. The video also features a wireframe view. If you’re interested in more subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

I originally created this model because a friend requested it. Deadpool was a pretty fun character to create. It was my first good character sculpt in Zbrush as well. The final picture was a study in sculpting and lighting. The lighting references films such as The Dark Knight (STREAM HERE!) I was trying to create moody atmosphere, with dynamic lighting.

Deadpool 3d Model

Weapon XI: Deadpool
This was created for a friend. It is my depiction of Marvel Comic’s Deadpool.
Software Used: Zbrush, Blender 3D, Photoshop



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