Huge Gas Burners! Save Cash on Gas!

Looking for a way to save some cash? Gasoline expensive?

If you’re like me you’re probably looking for a few ways to save some money on gasoline. Totally understandable. Everyday people waste money burning gas in their vehicles and on the road.

Gas Burner

Check out these tips from to avoid being a Gas Burner and Save Cash on Gas!

1. Don’t idle unnecessarily. You aren’t going anywhere, so don’t run your engine. You are wasting gas.

2. Take smart trips. Plan accordingly and make fewer stops. You’ll save time and money.

3. Get proper engine maintenance. Make sure your car is running great condition and you’ll get better fuel mileage.

4. Keep up with your tires. Keep them properly inflated, rotated and make sure they aren’t worn out.

5. Use the cruise control. This will not only save you speeding tickets, but will also save you some cash at the pump.

6. Use a fuel discount card. A lot of gas station are now offering fuel discount cards with rewards ranging from 3 cents off a gallon to up to 25 cents off!

7. Don’t get a higher octane fuel when your vehicle doesn’t require it.

8. Drive responsibly. Don’t slam the accelerator and speed down the road, you’ll burn more gas. Don’t be a gas burner!

We only have a limited supply of gasoline, so make it last!

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