Hugh Jackman Workout Routine, The Truth

To get down to the quick of it, respect motivates me – not success.
Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, coming in at age 44, has earned much due respect, not only for his roles as an actor, but for his training that helped define those roles.

Hugh, voted the nicest guy in Hollywood, also known as the Wolverine has one ripped physique. It’s no joke that to succeed in today’s crazy Hollywood environment, being an action star requires nothing less than HUGE MUSCLES. Not only that though, Jackman is shredded at the same time. You would expect nothing less from the man who stars as Wolverine in the popular X-Men movie series by Marvel Comics.

Hugh Jackman Ripped

The fact of the matter is you’re not going to find another actor with the dedication to train for a role like Hugh Jackman. He’s stuck with Wolverine for over 14 years, and has raised the bar on the character’s physique each and every time. He wants to give the fans the best Wolverine he can, so that means training the best he can. Superheros gotta have muscles, right bub?

So what exactly does Hugh Jackman do? What would a typical Hugh Jackman workout look like?

The Wolverine Diet

You got to eat right. Jackman called up his buddy, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and asked for some tips. Under his guidance Jackman ate about 6,000 calories a day… and yes, he still kept 6 pack abs. Impressive for a guy in his 40s huh?

Jackman ate lean though, chicken and brown rice. Vegetables. Fish. More chicken. Did I mention chicken? He was probably sick of chicken by the end of it. Oh, and no alcohol.

Protein Shakes. Jackman stated that he drank lots of different protein shakes.

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If you want to be jacked like Jackman, you need protein. Lots of protein.

You have to eat before you train. Otherwise, that really intense training, after about 40 minutes you start to flag.
Hugh Jackman

The Truth about Wolverine’s Workout

The fact is, a lot of websites will make up a workout to place here. Jackman is trained by a personal trainer named Mike Ryan.

hugh jackman personal trainer

The sad fact is, Jackman didn’t do anything special. He trained hard. No one really knows his routine. Many sites will try and trick you into buying a routine that will get you Hollywood Results. Most of that, is simply not true. Others will insert a made up workout to get you to read their article.

Simply put, nothing beats hard work and dedication. A guy like Hugh Jackman has put in his time, and trained for years. We’ve seen his physique steadily get better throughout his acting career. What we also know is that by hitting the gym, at least 5 times a week, hard and heavy will initiate muscle growth.

Consistency in the gym releases growth hormones, and increasing protein is key to building muscle. Jackman is to be admired greatly for his efforts in the gym. Truthfully though, the information out on the internet about his routine varies so much that it’s hard to believe any of it.

So here’s the deal, to be like Wolverine you know that you gotta train hard. I recommend you hit the gym at least 5 days a week. Split your routine up into segments, and hit each body part long and hard. Do at least 15 sets or more for every muscle group. Increase your protein intake, and within 4 weeks you’ll see results. Hugh Jackman, simply worked hard and activated those muscles. He stuck to a strict diet. If anyone tells you differently, like it was a specific order of exercises, for example, they are probably lying. Unless of course you know Hugh, and he told you. 😉

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