Master Blender 3D With The Best Tutorial Books

Blender 3d can be a complicated piece of software to master. Everyone has different goals, and that’s why I’ve written this article to help you find the best resources out there to achieve those goals.

Some people use Blender for animation. Others just want to make cool characters, and even still, others just want to experiment with the particle simulators. Blender features a built in game engine, which is only increasing in popularity, and that is the focus of others.

So I’m going to start with the basics. If you’re trying to learn the overall software, I recommend Blender 3D Basics by Fisher Gordon. The author boasts that this book has the easiest learning curve for learning Blender 3D. This book literally starts with the basics, from basic object modeling, key framing animation, rendering and compositing, and even some stereoscopic 3D effects. It’s worth looking at, you can’t go wrong with the basics. I’ve often picked up materials re-iterating the basics and learned some new tricks that I never noticed, or just never heard about before. Sometimes it’s good to learn from a different perspective as well.

There’s also the Character Creation Series. If you’re looking to build characters from scratch, this is a free resource I set up help you learn Character Creation. It relies primarily on Blender and Zbrush, however it can be adapted to any 3d modeling package if you understand the fundamentals.

If you’re looking to create movies, or assets for movies, then you’ll want to check out Blender Studio Projects: Digital Movie-Making by Tony Mullen. He has written several books on Blender. This book gives your projects you can start with from scratch, and turn out real results. It also includes a companion DVD.

On that topic, Tony Mullen has also written a book on character animation called Introducing Character Animation with Blender.

This book takes you through character creation, rigging and animating the character. By the end of it you should have a full functional character ready for animation. The book also teaches the basics of animation.

Jonathan-Williamson is well known for his Blender tutorials, and popular CG Cookie website. He has also written a book, Character Development in Blender 2.5 that looks to be very promising.

I can tell you from experience, Williamson knows what he is doing. This book is aimed at animators, film makers, and game makers. The book also comes complete with a companion DVD with tutorial files and video tutorials.

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