The Art of Dave Rapoza

Dave Rapoza is a concept artist/illustrator that has worked on projects for companies such as Riot Games, Wizards of the Coast, MTV, Universal, Ignition Print, and Hasbro.

Generally he works a lot in photoshop. He has a pretty cool style. Take a look at some of his artwork right here!

Gideon, Dave Rapoza


Skull and Shark Panel, Dave Rapoza

Skull and Shark Panel


Red Ranger, Dave Rapoza

Red Ranger


Dave seems to pull a lot of inspiration from older cartoons, such as The Power Rangers, He-Man, Ninja Turtles, etc. Seems like he’s fan of those old shows! He does a great job of reproducing those characters.

Skelator, Dave Rapoza



Raphael, Dave Rapoza


His skill in Photoshop is to be commended. He also maintains a blog with artwork updates, tutorials and even releases some of his own PSD files. So for more of his great artwork check out his official website!

You can also check out his CGHUBsite for more great artwork!

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