Tips for a Better Render

Use these Render Tips to get a better picture!

No matter what 3d modeling package and renderer you are using, everyone can use a few tips to get a better image. These tips are for anyone, some are common sense, others may be totally new ideas for you.


Solid Snake Concept Art. Concept art is a vital part of the planning process for creating a character.


1. First a composition usually turns out better if it’s planned out. Plan out your picture on paper before you start modeling. The more planning you do, the better things will turn out. Even if you’re just simply making a character, it’s best to know exactly how that character should look before starting. In the past I could have save myself many headaches by simply planning out all of the features and accessories of the character.

2. Make things dirty. Nothing in the real world is clean. Everything gets used and worn down. You don’t have to be excessive, but adding a little dirt or some scratches here and there can really make a difference in the quality of a piece of work, or a model.

3. Get critique, especially if you’re new to modeling. Sometimes after staring at your screen for hours at a time you start to not notice little issues with a model. Take a break, come back and look at it later with fresh eyes. Post a Work In Progress (WIP) image online and get some feedback. Sometimes other people notice things you haven’t seen. Make sure you get credible advice.

4. Don’t take shortcuts if they are going to be noticeable. It’s very easy to tell when a 3D artist gets lazy. While artwork is never really finished, you should always polish everything.

5. Get References. Even if you have a pretty good idea of what an object looks like, it really doesn’t hurt to reference it. There may be little details you hadn’t noticed before. Really study your references, figure out what gives an object character.

6. Make your work memorable. Don’t just make a character, tell a story. A picture is worth a thousand words, make yours live up to it’s potential!

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