Top 5 Animated Movies

Everyone loves Animated Movies, especially ones animated in 3d. There’s just something about animated movies that stands out from movies filmed with real actors. The 3D genre is something totally different however. We’ve come to associate 3d movies with companies such as Pixar, and Dreamworks, which are great companies, but they cater there animated movies towards little kids mostly.

Personally, as an older viewer I prefer something a bit more adult. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of animated movies that older people can appreciate.


Top 5 Animated Movies

The first movie on my list is Beowulf.

beowulf animated movie

The next movie on the list is Avatar



While not fully 3d, Avatar really revolutionized the way 3D was added into film. The characters were largely created in Zbrush, and done so magnificently.

The next movie on my list is The Life of Pi.



In this movie all of the animals were created digitally. They were all fake, and added into the scenes. It’s hard to believe that technology and artistry have come so far to make something like a living breathing tiger look so real.

When does a live action movie become considered an animated movie? What if half of the movie is totally animated, like Life of Pi?

The next movie on my list is a 2D animated movie, called Escaflowne. While it is 2d, I think that it is a great animated movie just because of the quality of animation contained in the film itself. Not only that, I am a fan of the art style. The movie is colorful and vibrant. The artists who worked on this film are very talented.

escaflowne animated movie

Finally the last movie on my list is none other than Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. To this day, Advent Children remains one of the most talked about movies in the CG world. It took the world by storm in 2005, and continues to amaze with it’s amazing art style and animation.


Advent Children continues the story of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and was animated by Square Enix.

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