Top 5 CG ART Sites

If you are involved in the 3d world somehow you should know of at least a few CG art sites by now. These websites are what brings our community together. They host our images and display them to the public at large. Without them many artist wouldn’t get much publicity at all.

So what makes a good 3d site? For one, they have to have the content people are looking for.

What are people looking for? CG Art, CG Tutorials, CG Articles, etc.. anything to do with CG.

CG sites should also be easy to navigate, it shouldn’t be hard to find what you are looking for. The galleries should be clearly marked, and so should the articles.

The CG site should bring in a lot of people. The site should have a great and helpful community. If a person goes onto a CG site’s forum with an issue, they should be able to leave with a proper solution.

Helping others become good artists is what makes the community grow, and without community these sites would be nothing.

So here are my TOP 5 CG ART SITES:

5. ZBRUSH CENTRAL – This is an excellent site for Zbrush users. There’s a gallery at the top with featured pics, and another that updates automatically with new images from the community. Of course, this site features probably the largest gathering of Zbrush users, making it the best Zbrush community out there.

4. Blender Artists – This is Blender’s official community site. This is by far one of the best forums to get support for the open source modeling software, Blender 3D. I recommend every Blender user register with this website, if nothing else to just simply post your sweet new Blender Renders to their forum gallery!

3. CG COOKIE – This is a fairly new website to the game. It really surprised me at first, seemingly coming out of nowhere but is now one of the best sites online in terms of education and community. They offer excellent quality video tutorials for Blender, 3DS Max, Unity and much more. They also feature a gallery that is constantly being updated. This is a great website for people new to CG art.

2. CGSociety – CG Society is far one of the best website out there for computer graphics. Their CG Choice Gallery is phenomenal, and features only the best artwork in the community (such as Olivier Ponsonnet’s work) This site also features articles from all around the CG world, from movies to small guys making videos or artwork. It’s a great site to just browse, as they have a ton of content.

1. CG Hub – CG Hub is  fairly new site, but is growing rapidly. What makes it stand out is the gallery. The front page features hundreds of pictures, that grow in size based on popularity. This is by far the easiest site to get your work uploaded to as well. I picked it as number one because of the gallery. This is by far THE CG Gallery to check out, as they have just about everything and are gaining new artists daily.

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