Top 5 CG Short Films

I’ve decided to compile a list of my Top 5 CG Short Films. I’ve been watching a lot of them latley, so here is my list with a short review of each and why I like them.

5. “R’ha”  – Kaleb Lechowski

I really enjoyed this sci fi short film. The animation and lighting was top notch. There is also a great twist at the end of the story. Check it out!

4.  The Gift – BLR VFX

This is was an awesome live action short film mixed with CG. The elements mixed well together and thoroughly enjoyed the story line.

3. Natalis – Daniel Brkovic Jan-Marcel Kühn

This was amazing, the graphics were outstanding. Even though it’s just  a trailer, the story line was amazing and the visuals did not disappoint.

2. Ark – Grzegorz Jonkajtys & Marcin Kobylecki

This had a really amazing story. The visual style was very different and interesting, but the story is what will get you. This is one of my favorite CG Short Films.


1. Sintel – Blender Open Movie Project

This is nothing less than one of the greatest CG short films of all time. Literally made with all open source software, this film has captured audiences all of the world. You cannot afford to miss this masterpiece.

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