Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement Guide

If you’re a serious weight lifter, you like a good pre-workout supplement. You can’t look like Zyzz without doing your best in the gym, and you won’t get ripped like Lazar Angelov by quitting early. A good pre-workout supplement will keep in the gym longer and breaking personal records like Arnold Schwarzenegger. As someone who has taken a LOT of different pre-workout supplements over the years, I’m bringing you the Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement Guide.

Lazar Angelov, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer

Lazar Angelov, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer


Want to look like Lazar? You need something that’s gonna give you a boost.

We’ll kick this article off with something that does just that, a pre-workout with a kick… something with great flavor and still does it’s job. How about Muscle Pharm Assault? It’s got a great taste to it, and it works as well. It’s also the only pre-workout I know of that mixes Con-Cret Creatine right in with it. So you get your caffeine boost and your creatine in one scoop! Not only that, Assault is a pretty cheap product, so it’s worth a shot right? Good taste, good cost, and more than just a pre-workout.

Not a fan of Assault? Or just want to try something different?

No Problem. Let us move on to BSN NO-Xplode, the first pre-workout I ever tried! This stuff tastes great, and of course gives you a good kick. It is lightly carbonated, so be careful not to shake it up too hard when mixing it, it’s likely to explode in your face. Get it? Explode? No-Xplode? Haha. But in all seriousness, BSN makes a great product, and once again, it’s a great price! No-Xplode also comes in a LOT of flavors including Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and more!

Let’s say you want something you can really feel. How about BSN Hyper FX? The same company that makes NO-Xplode brings you a great Beta-Alanine Product. What is Beta-Alanine? It’s a substance that literally helps you not feel as fatigued during your workout, allow you to pump out more reps than ever before! Beta-Alanine kicks in quick too, along with the caffeine, you will feel tingly all over! Hyper FX also helps you to burn fat. I can definitely say that when I took it, it kept me leaner than any other pre-workout supplement on the market today. Oh, and yes, it tastes great.

Want something stronger? I’ve got something for you.

The famous USP Labs Jack3d (Original) is one of the most talked about supplements of all time. Recommended by many, and feared by others, Jack3d is a must try pre-workout supplement. This supplement is for serious lifters only, not for the feint of heart. You want gains right? Then you want Jacked.

Finally, for those that have lasted this long in their search for the ultimate pre-workout supplement, I bring you the finale. Turn back now if you aren’t serious about your workout. I’m warning you.

I was fairly new to pre-workout supplements when I bought this, years ago. I got in my car, mixed up a bottle of it. Blue Raspberry flavor, it was good. I had about a 30 minute drive to the gym, so I usually chug down my pre-workout about 15 minutes before I get there. On this particular day, that was a mistake. I was already annoyed that cold October day when I left my house and set out for the gym. I remember it well. The pre-workout kicked in high gear about 5 minutes away from the gym. The issue was– Traffic came to screeching halt, delaying my workout. Rage set in, and I could feel my blood pumping. I NEEDED TO LIFT.

I got to the gym just a few minutes later than usual. No big deal, because this stuff kicked in hard. I didn’t feel bad, I felt great. It was a totally different experience that no other pre-workout can give you. I decided to hit chest that day, and boy did I get a massive chest pump. Energy levels were higher than ever before, and I had to tell myself to stop working out. I was literally scared I was gonna “break my muscles” after an hour and a half of non stop hardcore lifting. What was this miracle supplement? None other than Nutrex Research Hemo Rage Ultra Concentrate. It was nothing less than the strongest pre-workout I’ve ever had in my life.

So that’s that, my ultimate pre-workout guide. If you’re interested I’ll be throwing together more supplement reviews.

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