Why Diet Pills Don’t Work, and What Does

If you’re into fitness you’ve probably wondered about these so called “diet pills” or fat loss pills. I’m here to give you a straight answer, because I’ve tried a few of them.

Most fat burners have a thermogenic property, which increases your body temperature. These could have a slight increased affect on your metabolism, but not enough to really matter.

diet pillsAnother thing most popular diet/fat loss pills contain is a diuretic. This makes you release water weight by urinating it out. This will make you lose weight, but it’s only temporary.

Your body is mostly made up of water, and whatever is released must be put back. After you finish with the diet pills it won’t take long for that water weight to return. Most people see that quick drop in weight and believe the pill is working miracles, but it’s really not.

Any ingredients in a diet pill will have very minimal, if any really effect in losing fat. They are mostly a waste of money, and I’d only recommend shedding water weight if your a fitness model going in for a photo shoot, other than that, there is no real reason to shed that water.

So what will make meĀ burn fat?

This is what I’ve found.


  • Increase muscle mass. Keep lifting those weights.
  • Challenge yourself with the weight. Don’t one rep max, but keep trying to increase your sets of 8 reps weight. If you can do 9 reps, move up in weight.
  • Lower your total daily calories. Drop about 100-200 calories a day off your diet. This isn’t terribly hard. Weight loss will be slower with only a small amount of calories dropped, but it will be permanent.
  • No sugar. Enough said.
  • One easy way to limit food intake is to cut down on portion size. Eat less than what you used to.
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